Why Do People Start Smoking?

Published: 11th December 2009
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Smoking is one of the commonest habits in the world, one of the worst habits that any one could ever take up - once you start, you'll want to stop smoking before you know it. Have you heard about all the tars and chemicals in cigarettes (it's not just tobacco) - when you realize that along with how they can cause cancer, together with an array of other deadly medical problems, it makes one wonder why an individual would ever start smoking.

Well there are quite a few different reasons that people go on with smoking first cig, which is definitely what gets them started in the 1st place.

Peer Pressure To Start Smoking Cigarettes

One of the important reasons that people start smoking first cigarette and then get addicted is because of peer pressure. When kids are at school they are really inclined to fall for peer pressure because if somebody else is doing it, they need to feel cool and slot in and don't need to be ridiculed.

This is the age in truth where the bulk of folks start smoking because this is the first time that they try it, and even if they try smoking first ciggie and feel sick for instance and then don't try it again for a bit, they are still more likely than others to start again for good in the future.

The Image - Is It Truly Still Considered Cool To Smoke?

Another excuse that many people start smoking first cig is due to the image that it portrays. A lot of folks feel extraordinarily dignified and sophisticated when they are holding a ciggie, while others feel that it gives them that bad boy look and though they're going to be more tasty to women.

Why You should Not Start Smoking - And Why It Isn't Ever too Late To Kick The Smoking Habit

Just imagine what that smoke can do to your body if it can do all this damage to your house.

Methods To Help You Stop Smoking

It's a tough process to try to quit smoking, some ways are easier than others, but it's a good idea to get stop smoking help of some kind. There are lots of different ways to stop smoking: Stop smoking hypnosis, wearing a nicotine patch, or blowing through water vapor cigarettes. Which stop smoking method is right for you depends on a variety of factors including your personality and how often you smoke.

If you normally smoke 10/day, in 10 weeks you could be down to smoking zero! You'll have to see what works best for you. Some people have to try to quit more than once before they are able to stop smoking altogether.The important thing to remember is that your health and happiness require that you quit smoking. Once you've done it, you'll think it was one of the best decisions you ever made.

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