Appearance Your Best every day - Straightforward Mens' Grooming Tips.

Published: 11th July 2009
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Recently, the linguists started recognizing a new term to indicate a well-groomed man : The Metrosexual.

Although historically many men have avoided good grooming out of fear of being seen as "too pretty" or -let's face it- from just plain laziness, it's never been more straightforward or more acceptable to look out for yourself with good grooming. Be confident in who you are blokes - you are worthwhile, too!

Men who look well groomed usually feel better, have more self-esteem, and others respond more warmly to them. Why not? Just don't go mad shaving your eyebrows and there's not much that may go wrong.

A good hair cut and a close shave goes a ways. The occassional extras - like nose and ear hair trimming, eyebrow pruning, and skin moisturizing - are great extra steps that you can address as needed. Although you won't have ever considered going into one of those "salons" with all the strong chemicals and gorgeous women, more and more men are snug getting their grooming needs taken care of (even MANicures) at such conglomerates. And - there are tons of pretty girls there, so you can enjoy the view while you are at it.

The largest part of your grooming routine that you will be desiring to look after at home is shaving. Most men like to shave each day, but some men like the look of a little "stubble" and you can actually get special men's shavers that leave a little grizzle on your chin so you can have an infinite day-old beard.

If you like a close shave, you can never get closer than with a razor, but many men favor the comfort of a shaver, like Norelco's mens shaver. The norelco shaver has 3 heads that painlessly cut your hair - they can get shot long scraggly hairs as well as your beard from yesterday. The cordless norelco shaveris straightforward to use at work or in the vehicle and you don't wish to use shaving cream to get the task finished. It is a shave, except for many men the comfort and convenience compensate for that nicely.

You may also use tweezers to lose undesired hairs - particularly the hairs over the bridge of your nose that make a "unibrow" look.

Finally - nose and ear hair. When unsure, less is more. The hairs should stay INSIDE your nose and ears. There is a norelco nose and ear hair trimmer which will do the job nicely.

Although it may not be something your Dad ever passed on to you, good grooming is a component of dressing for success. Use these tips to freshen up your appearance and you may spot the difference the next time you are head to head with someone important.

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